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Ready Made vs Made to Measure Curtains

Ready Made

A good affordable solution and widely available

You need to measure the window yourself

You need to hang them

Ready Made curtains come in standard sizes only

Normal Lining and Blackout lining options only

Tape, slot or eyelet heading.

To Consider

Do you have a standard size window, wonky walls/floor or unusual room features to take into consideration.

Made to Measure

We measure your window taking into account any feature issues and discuss the look you require to ensure a perfect fit (finished length, width, fullness). Check that existing fittings are suitable

Only the best UK lining is used. Sun Protection, Thermal property

Standard, Blackout, Fleece and Interlining options

Headings range from Tape to Buckram with a wide variety of styles many can be personalised to your own taste

Wide selection of quality Fabrics from our selected Fabric Houses

Professional advice available from colour, fabric choice, design and suitability (sun protection, thermal etc)

Attention to detail (pattern matching, finish)

Once made we will deliver your curtains, hang and dress them

Accessories: Valance, Pelmet, Tiebacks etc

Years of experience and expertise

We will help you from start to finish

Good Quality solution that will last many years under normal use

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