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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

This time of year is always exciting for us with many of our favourite #fabric houses bring out new #collections showing a variety of creative styles and designs in fabric. All we need to do now is to keep you our prospective customers up-to-date therefore giving you a wider more informed choice. Colours that are prominent this season are Mustard, Spice, Navy Blue, and an enduring power of pattern igniting today's imaginations. Even more bautiful printed velvet's are also on offer.

Floral motifs are always popular in both fabric and wallpaper collections and with today's modern twist on colour there is something for everyone.

With winter settling in and more time spent in our homes, we are looking to keep the draught's out and cozy up. With many choices available, from Interelined curtains to throws, or simply a change of cushions covers we can help you choose the fabric to create a stylish winter haven.

Pantone Colour 2020 Classic Blue.

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